The mission of our church remains clear.....SC 1st Nazarene is a Place...

TO Belong....where people of all ages and stages of life find friendship and acceptance.

It is through Christ that we have received grace and our urgent task of promoting obedience to the faith and making disciples for his name's sake among all nations.  And this includes you, called of Jesus Christ and invited (as you are) to belong to him." (Romans 1:5-6, MSG & AMP)

Jesus 'rubbed shoulders' and befriended a wide range of people--drunks, theives, adulterers - and when doing so he faced some of his sternest opposition.  He still did it! We are doing our best to follow his example.

As a church we're reaching -out and extending the invitation through Upward Basketball, Kiddie Kollege Daycare, Caravan, Men's softball, C.O.R.E. (Community OutReach Experience), GriefShare, etc.  In doing so, we hope to provide multiple 'connecting points' for those who need an invitation - those who need to 'belong'.

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